Green WC seat

Our mission: sustainability in the areas of materials and manufacturing

With our Green Toilet Seat, we have taken another step in this direction.

100% recycled

100% sustainable

100% premium quality

Discover our first sustainable toilet seat

Reduce CO2 emissions

Our recycled green toilet seat has 33%* less CO2 emissions than a conventional thermoplastic toilet seat.
The raw material is 100% recycled and made from 100% industrial film.

Below you can follow the entire product life cycle in the production phase of our green toilet seat.

Starting with the raw material, through the transport routes from our suppliers to the production of Hamberger Sanitary GmbH.
The third building block is the in-house production of the toilet seat and in particular the energy consumption required to manufacture a toilet seat.

*Evaluated by brands & values GmbH, module A1-A3 according to DIN EN 15804

Any Hamberger thermoplastic toilet seat can become a green toilet seat.

Plastic-free packaging

Our aim is to completely replace plastics in our packaging

  • Replace PE bags with glassine paper
  • Hinge bags made of compostable plastic
  • Use of paper tape