German toilet seat manufacturer Hamberger Sanitary from Rohrdorf with Bavarian roots.


From restrained to striking: Our wide range of colours

Colour is also a central component of toilet lid design. This is why our toilet seats are available in exactly the right colour to match your clients’ bathroom ambience. Those who like things simple and restrained can settle on classic shades like Alpine White or Ivory, while those who want to make a real statement with their toilet lid can reach for strong tones like Ruby Red, Sorrento Blue or Evergreen. Our colour palette includes numerous colours and thus offers the most diverse of design possibilities.

What’s more, our hinges and damper caps can also be perfectly colour matched to the interior and fitting colour in the bath and toilet.

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Our own highly-modern coating shop enables us not only to achieve an almost unlimited colour spectrum, but also to respond to trends and customer requirements at short notice and with the highest quality.

Half-open toilet seat made of plastic in light pink.
Toilet seats in dark colours such as brown, black or grey look classy and create a contrast to a light ceramic.
Red toilet seat made of plastic provides a visual highlight in the bathroom.
Toilet seat made of plastic in green for a highlight in the bathroom.
Beige toilet seat made of plastic for a discreet and harmonious interplay of colours in bathrooms.
A toilet seat made of plastic in yellow provides a bright and friendly ambience.
Colourful toilet seats in blue lend the bathroom a maritime flair.
A toilet seat made of plastic in soft green provides a visual highlight in the home bathroom.

Surface matt

Noble design for extraordinary bathrooms

In completely newly developed production procures, we now also produce toilet seats with a particularly fine matt surface. The integrated lotus effect repels water and dirt easily.

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Our customised toilet seats leave nothing to be desired. We produce your toilet seat entirely according to your ideas with imaginative prints, exclusive patterns or with embedded SWAROVSKI stones.

Special customer wishes deserve to be fulfilled

Often it’s the subtle details that give the whole a confident style and make a lasting impression. Our designers also create imaginative prints and striking, extravagant models.

From dream beaches, cartoon characters and graphic patterns – through the use of unusual patterns, our toilet seats become an eye-catching feature in the bathroom. We use high-quality prints for our decorative seats that are pressed into the toilet seat at the end of the production process. Through this, we guarantee high resistance to scratches and a hygienic, smooth surface – just like for our non-decorative toilet seats. We can react quickly to trends and cater to our clients’ individual wishes with our striking motifs.

Patterns made of glittering, hand-set stones also provide a special highlight in any bathroom.

We at Hamberger Sanitary have never been satisfied with just setting benchmarks for functionality and comfort. Ever since we started manufacturing toilet seats, ergonomics and design have also been important considerations. The constant increase of aesthetic standards in sanitary ware also shapes the innovative design of our seats – for contemporary bathrooms environments.

Our heart beats for toilet seats - and has done for more than 100 years.

What’s more, our hinges and damper caps can also be perfectly colour matched to the interior and fitting colour in the bath and toilet.

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