Europe-wide toilet seat market leader with Bavarian roots.


Our heart beats for toilet seats

Man and culture

And we have been doing this for over 100 years! With our products, we stand for uncompromising quality, modern design and extraordinary comfort. This makes us the market leader in the thermoset and thermoplastic sector and Europe's largest manufacturer of toilet seats.

From the very beginning, our high-quality toilet seats have been oriented towards the wishes and demands of end customers. Our portfolio includes more than 300 toilet seat models, countless hinges and a sophisticated modular principle with numerous fastening options. This means that our partners and their customers have a wide range of combination options at their disposal - for the ideal toilet seat.


"We create quality of life" - with our high-quality WC seats, our responsibility as an international employer and our environmentally friendly production.

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Tyärk Dieckmann (Geschäftsführer Vertrieb und Marketing), Michael Huck (Holding Geschäftsführer Hamberger Industriewerke) und Ralf Schwaighofer (Geschäftsführer Produktion)

Hamberger Sanitary worldwide

Our locations

The home of our company is Upper Bavaria. At our company headquarters in Rohrdorf, we have grown into what we are today: Europe's largest manufacturer of high-quality WC seats. With the areas of development, service, sales and marketing, the heart of our company has been beating here for over a century.

With our other locations in Bulgaria and China with more than a thousand employees, we have been able to adapt our production capacities to market requirements in recent years:

Exterior view of the Hamberger Sanitary head office and factory at the Rohrdorf production site in Germany.
Rohrdorf, Germany

17.000 m² production area
200 employees

Research & development, product management, sales and marketing

Exterior view of the Hamberger Sanitary international production site in Sevlievo, Bulgaria.
Sevlievo, Bulgaria

74.000 m² production area
1,200 employees

First international production site since 2003

Exterior view of the Hamberger Sanitary international production site in Kunshan, China.
Kunshan, China

5.300 m² production area
60 employees

Since 2012 production site mainly for the Asian market

“We create quality of life”

Our mission statement

Our mission statement expresses the basis of our thoughts and actions: Because we create quality of life!

We are an important employer in our home region of Upper Bavaria. Through stable economic activity, we guarantee secure employment and thus make an important contribution to the economic prosperity of our employees. And this not only at our location in Rohrdorf, but also in Sevlievo in Bulgaria and Kunshan in China.

As a responsible manufacturer of toilet seats, sustainable production is also close to our hearts. That is why we strive to produce and operate as sustainably as possible.

Highest quality without compromise - that is another pillar of our value system. We attach great importance to care and conscientiousness in the production of our toilet seats.

Diagram of the Hamberger Sanitary mission statement.

We see ourselves as a fair partner in society. We want to strengthen the common good and give economic impetus to our region.

Focusing on people and nature

Our understanding of sustainability

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company in a rural region, we take our responsibility towards people and nature very seriously. The health and further development of our employees are matters close to our hearts. The basis of our attractive working atmosphere is therefore formed by a variety of further education and training measures, cooperation with regional fitness studios and environmentally conscious offers such as the JobRad. As a responsible employer, we are proud that our company health management has already received the Gold Award from the AOK Bavaria.

At the centre of our environmental management system is the continuous further development of our environmental performance in terms of ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Our long-standing certification according to ISO 14001 shows that we have already achieved great success in this area.

Im Zentrum der WC-Sitz Produktion von Hamberger Sanitary steht die Nachhaltigkeit und die Gesundheit unserer Mitarbeiter. Mit firmeneigenen Biomasse-Kraftwerken und stetigen Weiterbildungen werden wir unseren Zielen und Ansprüchen gerecht.
Sustainability through durability

We achieve this through smart comfort features and the highest-quality materials, which feel good, look good and make good hygiene easy. This high quality is reflected in the durability of our toilet seats, thus contributing to the conservation of resources.

We’ve always got our finger on the pulse

Our core strengths

We always have our finger on the pulse, we know what the latest trends are, and we work with the most up-do-date technology. This is how we manage to produce extraordinary and modern toilet seats that meet user requirements.

Our core strengths lie in the following areas:

  • continuous development of construction and production methods
  • complete product development from a single source – from the first idea to 3D-illustrations and prototypes right through to the finished product.
  • CAD-supported construction and design for an extremely precise approach
  • analysis according to the finite element method (FEM) for strength calculation and component optimization
  • in-house rendering for perfect surfaces
  • rapid prototyping for fast first parts

Professional expertise in every department

Our production chain

Our toilet seats are the result of extensive research and development, production that for the most part is fully automated, and uncompromising quality control in all production areas.


    Thanks to our reliable, worldwide logistics network, we can guarantee fast order processing and short delivery times. At the same time, our quality standards by no means fall by the wayside: with standardised incoming goods inspections and material tests as well as the conscientious examination of documents relating to quality agreements, we succeed in ensuring the consistent quality of our products right from the start. Long-term business relationships with our suppliers are also a central aspect of our quality management in the area of incoming and outgoing goods.


    As Europe's largest manufacturer of toilet seats and a family-run production company, we manufacture the components of our toilet seats largely independently and in-house. The focus is on our own press shop, the fully automated production of our SoftClose® dampers and our hinge production.

    Our first-class WC seats are manufactured in defined and monitored processes. Fully automated processing in our modern press shop guarantees the highest product consistency and quality.

    All the hinges that we use in our toilet seats also come from our own production. Certified stainless steel is processed into our high-quality hinges in elaborate chipping and bending processes. With more than 350 fastening solutions, our range is characterised by unique versatility and customised solutions.


    Our high-quality SoftClose® dampers are the basis of our comfortable toilet seats. They offer technical solutions for every requirement - in line with our comprehensive Hamberger modular system. Quality and durability are also the focus in the production of our dampers. That is why the technology is perfected in our in-house research and development department and produced in fully automated manufacturing. Uncompromising tests according to our own very strict quality standards guarantee their longevity.


    For the production of our high-quality toilet seats, we need flawless materials and product components. In our laboratory, we test these in various procedures. Our tests go far beyond the DIN standard and are also certified according to Norm Française (NF). In our modern laboratory, we ensure the quality of all individual components through standardised incoming inspections and material tests as well as independent tests of the material characteristics. With the help of reactivity testing, we ensure the raw material quality of all materials used. In addition, automated tests of the damper performance (torque curve), extensive process monitoring of the automatic turning shop as well as fine measurements with our Keyence digital measuring projector take place. For full quality assurance, we carry out specific, in-house tests.


    Our packaging department works at full speed every day - in our factories in Germany, Bulgaria and China. This is how we manage to pack several thousand toilet seats every day.


    To guarantee our customers the constant availability of our products, we keep over one million WC seats in stock. Thanks to sophisticated warehouse logistics, we thus guarantee high component availability and fast delivery of our WC seats. With our high-bay warehouses with thousands of shelf spaces, we use storage space sensibly and sustainably.

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