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SoftClose® Original and TakeOff® Original:
Our convenient features for more comfort in the bathroom

It’s a long time since the home bathroom was just a functional space. For many, it’s an everyday oasis of well-being. The high demand for convenient solutions ranges from the shower and bathtub to the washbasin, right through to the toilet and toilet seat. In the development and production of our high-quality toilet seats, we therefore attach value not just to excellent quality, reliable durability and modern design; above all, we also attach value to high levels of comfort. Our SoftClose® automatic closing system and TakeOff® feature for removable toilet seats makes visiting the WC and toilet hygiene easier, more comfortable and safer.

Toilet seats that close with just the tap of a finger:

our convenient SoftClose® Original automatic closing system

Logo of the Hamberger Sanitary SoftClose® with nylon hinges as a cost-effective automatic closing system toilet seat
Image of automatic closing system toilet seat at different stages of closing

It’s probably happened to everyone once: The toilet lid slips out of your hand and lands on the ceramic with a loud bang. A nuisance that, especially in badly soundproofed living spaces, can also affect others. The impact of the lid can also damage both the toilet seat and the toilet itself. Thanks to our patented SoftClose® Original automatic closing system toilet seat, all that is a thing of the past. The practical SoftClose® solution allows the toilet lid to be closed silently and comfortably while protecting the material with just a finger tip – slowly, smoothly and evenly.

How does a toilet seat with the automatic closing system work?

Our automatic closing system toilet seat technology is contained in the special hinges between the lid and the seat, which are fitted with high-quality dampers. They allow the toilet lid to close slowly and smoothly instead of it hitting the toilet.
We develop, produce, and regulate these SoftClose® dampers ourselves completely in-house. From the construction through to the quality control, we look after the entire production process of the dampers, so we can guarantee the highest quality and durability. Both the manufacturing and the downstream quality check are fully automated.
Thanks to our innovative automatic closing system, the lid and seating ring of our toilet seats close silently and gently with just a light tap. They fold up without any resistance, though, just as usual.

SoftClose® toilet seat closes itself with a gentle tap.

What are the advantages of a automatic closing system toilet seat?

First and foremost, the automatic closing system makes the toilet comfortable to use. The easy closing of the toilet lid is much more comfortable – especially for older and larger people. This is because the SoftClose®feature allows them to avoid unnecessary bending when closing the lid, thus sparing their backs and joints.
The gentle closing of the toilet lid also avoids loud noises, preventing other people in the house from being disturbed. When the toilet is being cleaned and used, especially by children, the SoftClose® technology also reduces the risk of injury that arises when normal toilet lids fall shut. The automatic closing system also enhances the durability of the toilet seat. The soft closing of our lid is easy on the toilet seat and the toilet. This means that both the seat and the ceramic will last longer.

Everything about our SoftClose® Original automatic closing system at a glance

Self-closing Hamberger Sanitary toilet seat with SoftClose® automatic closing system
  • Thanks to the reliable automatic closing system, the toilet seat closes with just a finger tip.
  • The hinges and dampers in our automatic closing system toilet seats will impress you with their reliability and durability.
  • Endurance tests confirm the quality of all the components.
  • The SoftClose® feature is completely integrated into the toilet seat, but can also easily be replaced if necessary. Because we produce our SoftClose® dampers entirely through in-house production, we guarantee that they are always available.
  • The hinge joints of our automatic closing system toilet seat are easy to install and ensure that all the components are fixed securely.
  • The fixing prevents dirt traps, thus providing a maximum of hygiene.
  • The convenient SoftClose® feature can be combined with our practical TakeOff® feature.
  • As a budget-friendly alternative to the SoftClose® Original automatic closing system, our toilet seats are also available with nylon hinges or in the SoftClose® pure version.

Easily remove the toilet seat with just one hand:

our practical TakeOff® feature

Logo of the Hamberger Sanitary TakeOff® feature
Image of removable toilet seat

It has never been so easy to keep the toilet, including the toilet seat, clean. Thanks to our practical TakeOff® feature, you can really easily remove the toilet lid including the toilet seat, and then put it back on again just as quickly – in just one movement and without any tools. This doesn’t just facilitate thorough hygiene of the ceramic and toilet seat, it also makes it easier to install and replace the toilet lid.

How does the TakeOff® technology work?

Behind our practical TakeOff® feature there are special hinges. These allow the toilet seat to be taken off in just one movement and without the use of tools. Despite this, the anchoring ensures that the toilet seat neither wobbles nor slips. The hinge joints can be adjusted flexibly so they fit all standard toilets. Even when installing a new toilet seat, it can simply be attached to the TakeOff® fixing and taken off again just as quickly.
Learn more about the different installation options for our toilet seats here.

Toilet seat can be removed with one hand for easy and quick cleaning of the seat and toilet.

What are the advantages of a removable toilet seat?

The practical TakeOff® feature facilitates the effortless and comprehensive cleaning of the toilet and toilet seat. Thanks to its easy removal, the entire toilet seat can be cleaned from all sides and, for example, rinsed off under the shower. At the same time, otherwise hard-to-reach places on the toilet are easier to reach without the toilet seat there. This means that all the dirt can be removed with just a wipe. The TakeOff® feature is perfectly suited to anyone who values thorough hygiene in the bathroom. On top of all this, these practical features make replacing the toilet seat child’s play: The new toilet seat can simply be attached again. So you’ll spare yourself the installation, and a great deal of time. Even with unusual models, replacement is easy thanks to hinges that can be adjusted flexibly.

Clean the toilet quickly when the toilet seat has been removed

Everything about our TakeOff® feature at a glance:

  • Toilet seats with our practical Hamberger Sanitary TakeOff® feature can be easily and conveniently removed with just one hand.
  • Neither tools nor a button are needed to replace the toilet seat.
  • Thanks to the removable toilet seat, the ceramic and the toilet seat can be cleaned quickly and easily.
  • The TakeOff® feature makes it easy to change the toilet seat without any tools.
  • The TakeOff® hinges are easy to install and fit all standard toilets.
  • The high-quality TakeOff® fixing guarantees firm hold without wobbling or shifting.
  • The flexibly adjustable hinge joints can be adapted to different models of our toilet seats.
  • The practical TakeOff® feature can be combined with our convenient SoftClose® Original automatic closing system.

Our new SoftClose® systems for entry-level prices:

SoftClose® pureand SoftClose® Original automatic closing system toilet seats with nylon hinges

For young families, singles or for installation in rental properties: With the new comfort feature SoftClose® pure and our SoftClose® Original automatic closing system toilet seat with nylon hinges, we offer our budget-conscious clients two additional high-quality options in addition to our classic SoftClose® Original automatic closing system toilet seat.

SoftClose® pure

Logo of the Hamberger Sanitary SoftClose® pure cost-effective automatic closing system toilet seat

Our experience and expertise from two decades of the SoftClose® patent and the continuous development of all product components have been incorporated into the innovation of the new SoftClose® system. This means that toilet seats with the SoftClose® pure automatic closing system also meet our uncompromising quality standards: Put through its paces in countless tests, SoftClose® pure is a reliable and durable system. The installation of this toilet lid is also just as easy as usual. Our SoftClose® pure system thus offers the convenient automatic closing system toilet seat with high quality, modern design and the usual durability, all at a low price.
Our SoftClose® pure solution cannot, however, be combined with our TakeOff® technology. We are dealing here with hinge joints with the “pure” SoftClose feature.

SoftClose® with nylon hinges

Logo of the Hamberger Sanitary SoftClose® with nylon hinges as a cost-effective automatic closing system toilet seat

Same technology, different material: In comparison to fixings made of stainless steel, our SoftClose® hinge joints made of plastic lower the price of the toilet seat – but definitely not the reliability of the automatic closing system. Because no-one should have to forgo this convenient feature. This is why we also offer our SoftClose® technology made of plastic for many of our toilet seat models. When it comes to functionality and reliability, there are no compromises in this fitting, either. In our endurance tests, the plastic solutions also withstand all the loads.

With our SoftClose® technology for convenient automatic closing system toilet seats and the TakeOff® feature for removable toilet seats, we provide two comfortable solutions that make everyday use of the bathroom easier. In comparison to conventional toilet seats, our solutions enable easier use and more extensive hygiene, extend the life of toilet seats and ceramics and contribute to your safety. Toilet seats that are also removable and, thanks to the SoftClose® feature, close gently ensure a maximum of comfort in your bathroom. SoftClose® and TakeOff® from Hamberger Sanitary – nothing could be more convenient!