More than 100 years’ experience makes us specialists in what we do.

    Toilet seats are our passion. We are pioneers and trendsetters in this, and for decades have been taking the toilet seat to the next level with numerous innovations and patents. This is perhaps another reason why we have been Europe’s market leader for a long time, and, with our toilet seats made of Duroplast, have even become a top seller the world over. This makes us proud and spurs us on. As an owner-managed, traditional company with our own hinge and fully automated SoftClose® damper production, we are strongly rooted in our Bavarian home, but we also successfully stretch out our feelers – both into the world and the future of toilet seats. Our products now represent us in over 50 countries around the globe. Our research and development department, with its experienced engineers, creative designers and detail-oriented technicians, keeps surprising the industry with new designs and cutting-edge features. Tradition and trend, loyal to our roots and a global player – at Hamberger Sanitary, these oppositions complement each other perfectly.

    Toilet seat design reinterpreted

    When a modern look meets a nice feel and perfect ergonomics, design standards are redefined. We take a holistic approach to toilet seat design, and we never forget functionality and comfort when designing our toilet seats. Through this, we are able to implement current design requirements and help shape the trends of tomorrow. Thanks to this philosophy, our models have already become real design classics. They have been awarded prestigious prizes in international design competitions.

    The material is key

    When it comes to our toilet seats, we make no compromises – especially in the material. After all, this is what determines the essential characteristics of our toilet seats. This is why we subject the material to strict quality tests and manufacture our products exclusively using high-quality synthetic materials. This guarantees reliable durability, the best hygiene conditions, custom design options, and that they are really comfortable to sit on.

    Toilet seat from Hamberger Sanitary – German workmanship since 1912.

    Quality without compromise for first-class toilet seats

    Our toilet seats represent flawless functionality, perfect workmanship and the highest level of durability. This is based on our unwavering quality control, the use of high-quality materials, and fully automated production processes. This is how we have been able to manufacture premium toilet seats for decades.

    Impressive product variety thanks to Europe’s largest range of models

    Whether classically elegant or purely modern: Our large range of models offers practically infinite possibilities. So we can offer you exactly the right toilet seat to meet your individual requirements. Choose from nearly 300 different premium quality models in various shapes and colours with sophisticated comfort features.

    Plus X Award for innovative design in the sanitary equipment industry.
    Our toilet seats are award-winning.
    Toilet seat design reinterpreted with our streamlined toilet seat series Evolution+.

    Awards in the right place.
    Our outstanding EVOLUTION series

    Modern toilet seat from the Evolution+ series.

    Our new interpretation of the classic toilet seat design: EVOLUTION+

    Flat construction meets expressive, timeless design, without sacrificing comfort and user friendliness. This makes the toilet seats from our EVOLUTION+ series comfortable design objects for the home bathroom.
    We always take a holistic approach to toilet seat design, thus creating a well-thought-out interplay of great visuals, fantastic comfort and technological sophistication. This is how our EVOLUTION series has already been able to win people over both on the market and in international design competitions*.


    Hamberger Sanitary is a winner of the Red Dot award.