German toilet seat manufacturer Hamberger Sanitary from Rohrdorf with Bavarian roots.
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Designer toilet seats from Hamberger Sanitary: Outstanding new developments and real design classics

A modern bathroom is made up of many elements. The right toilet seat is an integral component of this feel-good space. Here it’s not just about the premium quality or the convenient features. The design of the toilet seat in particular makes a big contribution to the overall impression made by the home bathroom. The toilet lid can blend harmoniously into the ambience of the room, or it can draw attention to itself by providing a striking contrast. No matter which style your customers prefer, we have the perfect toilet seat for any design requirement.

Our holistic design concept

We at Hamberger Sanitary know the meaning of toilet lid design. This is why we always pick up on architectural and lifestyle trends. We then skilfully implement them in the development of our high-quality toilet seats. At the moment, purism and linearity are having the biggest impact on style. This is why they can be seen in many of our models. At the same time, our product portfolio contains a large selection of toilet seats in striking shapes and colours.

Our talented designers are always working on new, expressive toilet lids with a certain something extra. Our design process also focuses above all on the feel of the toilet seat. Finely polished edges, successful integration of the buffers and an ergonomically perfect seating ring, too – we always interpret design holistically. Thanks to this philosophy, some of our toilet lids have already become real design classics.

Awarded with the PLUS X Award for timeless design. Hamberger Sanitary toilet seats are award winning.
Red Dot Award 2015 winner

Die Essenz des WC-Sitzes

With the AERO, we present our latest innovation in the toilet seat sector. With its sleek, futuristic design, this premium toilet seat is the perfect combination of functionality, hygiene and style. A clear speciality of the model is the possibility of setting a wide variety of accents in the back section - completely flexible according to the customer's wishes and sense of style. Metal applications, for example in brushed stainless steel, turn every AERO into an individual design piece. The toilet seat blends in perfectly with other design elements in the bathroom, such as fittings or tiles.

The AERO reflects the true essence of the toilet seat - stylish, comfortable and hygienic with a touch of individual extravagance, which convinced the PLUS X Design Award jury.

Toilet seat design reinterpreted:

Our outstanding EVOLUTION series

The design of our toilet seats in the Evolution+ series is award winning. A timeless and sleek look make our toilet seats ERA, EVO and EOX a comfortable design object.
The sleek toilet seats from the Evolution+ series provide comfort and timeless design.

With our toilet seat range EVOLUTION, we have systematically enhanced our toilet lid design. The series unites a flat construction with expressive formal language and timeless design. At the same time, though, these toilet seats will also impress you with their incomparable comfort and the highest user friendliness. This makes the toilet seats from our EVOLUTION series comfortable design objects for the home bath and toilet.

Our award-winning EVOLUTION series includes the designer toilet seats ERA, EVO and EOX.

ERA: Dynamically distinctive

The ERA toilet seat will surprise you with its dynamic, distinctive look. A clean-cut surface and precisely drawn lines characterise the innovative re-interpretation of a classic oval toilet seat.

EVO: Pure and elegant

The EVO model represents playful lightness and simple elegance through and through. This is emphasised by the dynamic shape of the seat. The EVO toilet lid is perfect for aesthetes who put value on the highest seating comfort.

EOX: Minimalist and modern

With its fashionable D-shape, our EOX toilet seat is completely on-trend. Thanks to its minimalist style, this toilet lid will suit any modern bathroom. The toilet lid completely encompasses the seat when it is closed, ensuring a neat and uniform overall appearance.

The toilet seats from the house of Hamberger Sanitary will impress you with their award-winning design and diverse toilet seat shapes. From minimalist through to contoured right through to luxurious, our large selection of toilet seat models offers the right toilet seat for every customer requirement.

The perfect toilet seat for every taste

Whether classically elegant, purist or playful – our goal is to cater perfectly to every different taste.

With our first-class toilet seats in countless designs, we have developed Europe’s largest range of models. Colour, shape and material offer you and your customers practically endless design options. This is how we manage to find the right toilet lid for any style.

Planning a bespoke toilet seat according to the customer’s wishes.

Toilet seats in peak shape

The shape of the toilet seat has a determining influence on its design. Our toilet seats are made from Duroplast or Thermoplast. These materials make it possible to pair creative design with a high level of stability. This is how we are able to manufacture reliable and durable toilet seats in the following popular shapes:

  • The oval seat shape is a real classic. The gently curved lines of this toilet seat have a restrained, elegant effect. This means that they don’t just suit any bathroom, they also fit the majority of standard toilets.
  • At the moment, seats in the D-shape are particularly popular. The special design combines classic elegance with minimalist modernity.
  • People who like something a bit more unusual can choose one of our square toilet seats. The extravagant lines highlight the design character of the toilet seat.

Furthermore, we adapt the design of our toilet seats to regional requirements and preferences. In Scandinavia, for example, pointed toilet lids are preferred, while toilet ceramics in the USA are practically all oval, and rather elongated. We cater to these special shapes with what we call “US-shapes”.

Diagram of an oval toilet seat ceramic.
Oval Narrow Black
Diagram of a toilet seat ceramic with an oval, tapering shape.
Diagram of a toilet ceramic for short toilet seats.
Diagram of a large toilet ceramic for rounded toilet seats in a D-shape.
Diagram of a tapered toilet ceramic for toilet seats in the US-shape “pointed”.
Diagram of a square-shaped toilet ceramic for modern, square toilet seats.