About us

Historical manufactory of wood WC-seats in Rosenheim

More than 100 years of experience goes into each and every new WC seat. Constant innovations, uncompromising quality and a strong customer focus make us the largest producer of WC seats in Europe. Numerous patents pending for new product developments, noteworthy design prizes and an unrivalled range of products are evidence of our commitment to using its know-how to elevate the simple WC seat to something outstanding. "The right solution for any situation"is the mantra under which our creative think tank works, using a high level of skills to come up with technically innovative products, new designs and small, refined details to ensure greater comfort and improved hygiene.

The company is run today by the fourth and fifth generation of the family, in the person of Peter Hamberger and Dr. Peter M. Hamberger.

Peter Hamberger

Dr. Peter M. Hamberger




Plant: Germany
Hamberger Sanitary GmbH

since 1995

Plant: Bulgaria

Hamberger Bulgaria EOOD
since 2003

Plant: China

Hamberger Sanitary Co., Ltd.


since 2012

mission and values

Quality of life and responsibility

Our value system can be summarised in one statement:"We create quality of life". This is how we express the fundamental basis for our thoughts and actions. We are a major employer whose stable economic activity provides a guarantee of secure employment and thus allows us to make an important contribution to the economic prosperity of our employees and the respective region. As a responsible producer, we strive always tooperate as sustainably as possible. Our uncompromising attitude to optimum quality and diligence in production constitutes another pillar of our value system. Our role in society is that of a fair partner, striving to enhance the common good and provide economic stimulus for the region.


our core competences


  • Always in tune with the latest trends – for continuously new and exceptional designs and individual customer requirements
  • Permanent enhanced development of construction and manufacturing methods
  • Everything from a single source – from initial idea to 3D drawings and prototypes through to finished product
  • CAD supported construction and design
  • FEM checks (Finite Element Method) for strength calculation and component optimisation
  • Rendering in the home for perfect surfaces
  • Rapid prototyping to quickly produce first parts

Goods receipt / Shipping

  • Standard inspection of incoming goods and material tests, document review of quality agreements
  • Fast order processing and short delivery times
  • Long-term business relationships with our suppliers
  • Worldwide reliable logistics network


  • WC seat manufacturing by pressing a urea resin under pressure and temperature
  • Only processing of high-grade resources
  • Best products through defined and monitored processes
  • Fully automated manufacturing process for top product uniformity and quality

Hinge production

  • In-house hinge production and development with specialists
  • Hinge production with latest techniques
  • High-grade, certified stainless steel
  • Unique versatility
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Simple mounting and adjustment

Damper production

  • strictly in compliance with Hamberger modular system
  • Technical solutions suited for any requirement
  • Tests in compliance with the company‘s own very strict quality standards, fully in premium range
  • In-house research & development
  • Fully automated manufacturing


  • Hamberger tests far exceed the DIN standard, also certified according to the NF (Norme Française)
  • Standardised inspection of incoming goods and material tests
  • Independent testing of material properties (e.g. resistance, ultimate elongation, e-module)
  • Securing material quality by testing reactivity
  • Specific in-house checks for quality assurance
  • Automated testing of damper performance (torque curve)
  • Process monitoring of machine production of turned parts
  • Keyence digital measuring projector - precision measurement of turning and other small parts


  • More than 5,000 seats packaged every day
  • Up to 24,000 packaged seats per day at all locations
  • 7 days a week in Germany, Bulgaria and China


  • High-rack storage with 2,400 storing units
  • High component availability for fast delivery
  • Introduction in 2002