Our products already have a good eco-balance: one third of the material used for the thermoset models is made from the renewable raw material cellulose, and its durability helps to conserve resources. Our thermoplastic seats are fully recyclable.

We also recycle scrap material in a sensible way: for example, for the production of our assembly wrenches or, due to the high hardness of urea thermoset, as a high-quality blasting medium for paint removal.

1/3 of the material used for the thermoset models is renewable cellulose

Environment and climate protection

Climate Protection

On the way to a green future: Hamberger Sanitary was able to save 184 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and a further 2235 tons of resources through recycling in collaboration with Interzero.
For this reason, we were once again awarded the "resources SAVED" certificate by Interzero.