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Fixing / Installation

The perfect solutions for simple installation and reliable hold.

Our high-quality hinges and our reliable installation solutions are the basis of our toilet lids. This is why we develop and produce our toilet seat hinges and fixings with special care and precision. The result is innovative and refined solutions along with practical accessories for the secure hold of the toilet seat and for more comfort in the home bathroom.

We manufacture all of our hinges ourselves, and they are predominantly made from corrosion-resistant V2A stainless steel. We process it in complex tension and bending processes. As for all the components of our toilet seats, we only use high-quality materials for our hinges and installation solutions, too. This is how we guarantee the best quality and reliable durability.

With our numerous hinges and installation solutions, installing a toilet seat is simple and easy.

The perfect solution for every requirement

Whether oval or square, wall-mounted or floor-mounted, a standard toilet or a designer ceramic – we have the right solution for every toilet. When they are choosing the perfect toilet seat, it’s not just different shapes, colours and materials that your customers have available to them. They also have a choice between different types of hinges and numerous installation solutions. These are different in terms of their functionality, flexibility and material, but they all guarantee the perfect hold for our seats.

Thanks to our sophisticated modular system, there is barely a toilet shape that can’t be combined with one of our high-quality toilet lids. With our innovative installation systems, there are no problems with adjustment – either for aesthetic requirements or in the installation.
It’s also possible to replace the toilet seat or hinges at any time.
Despite their reliable fastening, the various fittings can be easily disengaged. This means that your customers can quickly change our toilet lids or install new hinges.

The heart of our toilet seats is their hinges

Reliable hold of the seat only results when the toilet seat, hinges and fixings are perfectly aligned to each other. Thanks to our large range, we can guarantee the perfect installation solution for every ceramic.

Our high-quality hinges made of stainless steel and plastic are the basis of our toilet seats’ reliable hold, accurate fit and their practical comfort solutions. The basis of our toilet seat hinges made of stainless steel and nylon ensures fast assembly and guarantees reliable firmness. Secure fastening through our reliable installation solutions prevents sideways movement of the toilet seat.

We have developed various installation solutions for the reliable fastening of our unique toilet seat hinges. These enable quick and easy assembly, and guarantee the firm hold of the toilet seat. The base of the fixings made of non-slip polyethylene adapts to the toilet and increases the stability of the toilet seat.

In the short videos you can learn how a new toilet seat can be installed easily and reliably. You can also get further information there about the different toilet seat fixings and how they fasten the seat.

ExCenter: Perfect adjustment

Our flexibly adjustable ExCenter stainless-steel hinges attach our Hamberger Sanitary toilet seats to all standard toilet models. What’s more, our toilet lids with this hinge solution can also be adapted to common ceramic dimensions. This is because the metal hinges can be moved in four directions, impressing with their high degree of flexibility. Our ExCenter hinges are mounted to the toilet from below. This prevents sideways movement of the seat, thus ensuring reliable hold.

Image of the ExCenter toilet seat fixing
ExCenter toilet seat hinges logo

TopFix: Reliable hinged dowel for convenient installation

Our clever TopFix hinge solution enables convenient mounting from the top. Through the practical hinge technology, the metal dowels can be attached securely on the underside of the ceramic. The solid fixing nut and the stainless steel thread ensure additional fastening and the highest stability. The narrow hinged dowels are also perfectly suited to small hole diameters.

Image of the TopFix toilet seat hinge
Logo TopFix WC-Sitz Befestigung

FastFix: Three movements for installation in record time

Insert, push up, tighten – with our FastFix installation solution, your customers can install their new toilet seat in less than no time. What we have here is a practical installation solution for mounting from below. By screwing together the two synthetic elements with our toilet seat assembly key, the toilet seat is fixed reliably to the toilet. The stable base of stainless steel and nylon ensures high rigidity. Thanks to the special size of the fixing, your customers can easily install the toilet seat with one hand, even when space is limited. Spacer rings from our assembly kit prevent possible axial play.

Image of a FastFix installation solution for stable hold of the toilet seat.
FastFix toilet seat fixing logo

FastFix metal: Quick installation and extra strong hold

In our FastFix metal installation solution, both the washer and the two fixing elements are made of metal. So, this toilet seat fixing ensures an even firmer and more reliable hold and the highest rigidity. The other qualities of this fixing are the same as the details for the FastFix solution made of plastic.

Image of the FastFix Metal toilet seat fixing
FastFix Metal toilet seat fixing logo

EasyFix: Fast, easy and effective

Our EasyFix fixing makes easy installation from above possible. The stainless steel fixing is sunk into the holes in the toilet and optimally fastened through an expansion plug. The special nylon expansion plug system fixes the hinge in the fixing hole, completely filling it – no chance of wobbles! The base of nylon and stainless steel guarantees additional rigidity. The metal thread and the fixing nut, which is also made of nylon and stainless steel, ensures secure fastening.

Image of the EasyFix toilet seat fixing
EasyFix toilet seat fixing logo

SolidFix: Guarantees secure hold through optimal adaptation

Through the prestressed washer with curved sealing ring, the SolidFix metal fixing is perfectly braced on the ceramic from below. With the help of a stainless steel nut and the toilet seat assembly key, the hinges are easily and permanently attached to the ceramic. The oval shape of the washer and sealing ring enables optimal adaptation to different toilets. A stable stainless steel base provides high rigidity.

Image of the SolidFix toilet seat fixing
SolidFix toilet seat fixing logo

TakeOff®: The removable toilet seat

With our practical TakeOff® hinges, the toilet seat can easily be removed and re-attached without the need for any additional tools. The toilet lid together with the seating ring can thus be removed using just one hand. This doesn’t just facilitate installation and replacement of the toilet lid, it also makes it easier to clean the toilet and the toilet seat. Read more about our patented TakeOff® feature here.

Image of the FastFix TakeOff® toilet seat hinges
TakeOff® hinges for removable toilet seats logo

To reliably mount our toilet seats to the ceramic, different types of hinges and installation solutions can be combined with each other. You can decide which combination best meets your requirements. For example, our flexible ExCenter hinge solutions are also available with our practical TakeOff® feature for removable toilet lids. This special combination can then be fixed to the toilet with different installation solutions.

In our detailed installation videos, we present each of the different installation solutions and their particular benefits. At the same time, we also introduce you to the different combination options and give you short installation guides with helpful tips.

The individual videos can be found in our service portal or on our YouTube channel.