German toilet seat manufacturer Hamberger Sanitary from Rohrdorf with Bavarian roots.
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Model overview

Welcome to the world of Hamberger Sanitary toilet seats

Our premium toilet seats turn bathrooms into oases of well-being. Because our toilet seats leave nothing to be desired! They meet all your customer’s requirements, and impress with

  • how comfortable they are to sit on, their practical convenience,
  • comprehensive hygiene,
  • modern design,
  • best materials, quality without compromise, as well as
  • their easy installation and reliable hold.

Europe’s largest range of models

No matter the requirements and preferences – at Hamberger Sanitary, we can offer you and your customers the perfect toilet seat. With nearly 300 different models of high-quality toilet seats, we have developed Europe’s largest range of models for wholesale, DIY stores and industry customers, and a practically infinite range of products. Take a look at a few of our versatile models.

The HARO product finder gives you an overview of the model variety at HARO.

Half-open EVO toilet seat model.


In our EVO toilet seat, playful lightness meets simple elegance – perfect for aesthetes.

Half-open EOX toilet seat model


An on-trend combination of minimalist design and a modern D-shape: Our EOX toilet seat model.

With our variety of hinges, we can guarantee the perfect fixing for every toilet seat.


Our square toilet seat DANTE impresses with its striking design.

Half-open COMINO FAMILY toilet seat model for families


Thanks to the combination of a seating ring for adults and a small seating ring for children, our family toilet seat COMINO FAMILY is perfectly suited to family bathrooms.

Half-open SANTORIN toilet seat model


For people who like things angular: Our toilet seat model SANTORIN with an unusual design.

Half-open PICCO toilet seat model


The classic toilet seat: Our PICCO model. Perfect for entry-level pricing with our new SlowClose® pure hinges.

Half-open FJELL toilet seat model


With its pointed shape, our toilet seat FJELL is particularly popular in Scandinavia.

Half-open and raised HAROMED toilet seat model


Our raised toilet seat HAROMED offers a higher seating position as well as a comfortable sitting angle, and is especially suited to seniors. More on our CareLine.

Half-open RAY toilet seat model


Our model RAY impresses through its dynamic, striking look with a gently curved lid.

Half-open SAMAR toilet seat model


A simple classic that is sure to impress: Our SAMAR toilet seat.

Further information on our toilet seats is available in our current catalogue.

Made of the materials Duroplast or Thermoplast, with SlowClose® or TakeOff® technology, oval, square or D-shaped, and therefore classically elegant or purely modern, and in just the right colour to suit the bathroom ambience. We have the perfect toilet seat for every ceramic, for every use and for every taste.
This is true not only for new purchases, but also when the toilet seat needs to be replaced: We guarantee the long-term availability of our products through specialist sanitary equipment retailers and selected DIY markets.

As Europe’s largest manufacturer of toilet seats, we work with the most well-renowned representatives from the sanitary equipment industry, wholesale and the DIY sector. You too can benefit from our many years of experience as a reliable partner for industry and trade as well as the outstanding reputation of our toilet seat brand for wholesale, HARO, and our brand for DIY stores, Cedo. We are also happy to work with you as an OEM manufacturer so we can develop your projects in excellent Hamberger quality together.

Sketch of a toilet seat from the house of Hamberger Sanitary

Our promise:

perfection in all areas

Toilet seats are our passion; the satisfaction of your customers is our goal. This is why we guarantee that we make no compromises in the development and production of our toilet lids. We always demonstrate perfection in the following areas – for you and your customers.

Excellent functionality

With our high-quality toilet seats, we contribute to comfort in every bathroom: Alongside the ergonomic shape of our toilet seats, our patented comfort solutions are particularly persuasive: Our SlowClose automatic closing system facilitates the quiet and comfortable closing of the toilet lid with just the tap of a finger. At the same time, our practical TakeOff® feature makes hygiene child’s play: remove, clean, and re-attach! Special hinges enable the removal and attachment of the seat and lead with just one hand, and without the need for any tools.

Read more here about our practical toilet seat features for even more convenience in the bathroom.

The practical TakeOff® Original feature, for simple removal of toilet seats.
TakeOff® feature
SlowClose automatic closing system toilet seat

Easy hygiene, skin-friendly surfaces and environmentally-friendly material

Thorough hygiene is easy with our Hamberger Sanitary toilet seats. The non-porous and extremely smooth surface of our toilet seats is not only easy to clean and take care of, it also has antibacterial properties. Our patented ACTIVE SHIELD®in our CareLine models provides added preventative hygiene. The antibacterial seat surface protection prevents the formation and spread of gems and bacteria.
Of course, the surfaces of all our toilet seats are skin friendly. Our toilet lids also contain no environmentally hazardous substances; instead, they will impress you with their good life cycle assessment.

Learn more here about our ACTIVE SHIELD® and our CareLine models, as well as about the antibacterial effect of the materials from which our toilet seats are made.

Our demand for the perfect toilet seat does not end with the uncompromising quality or the convenient features. Our toilet seats are also always a visual highlight. This is why current trends from architecture are incorporated into the design process of our toilet lids. The result: A perfect interplay of design and ergonomics that has already been distinguished with prestigious design prizes.
With our practically infinitely large colour palette and choice of decorations, we are also happy to realise individual customer desires.

Let yourself be inspired by the design of our toilet seats.

Toilet seats with ACTIVE SHIELD® formula from our CareLine provide antibacterial seat surface protection.

Quality without compromise

We make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our toilet seats – neither in the materials we use, nor in the processing.
We manufacture our lids and seats from the high-performance materials Duroplast and Thermoplast. To guarantee their quality, we conduct certified material testing and inspection. We manufacture our hinges, dampers and buffers from stainless steel or hard-wearing plastic. Apart from that, we subject all toilet seats to strict load tests and breaking tests as well as the most exacting final inspections.

Convince yourself of our quality management by reading more about the high-quality materials from which we manufacture our first-class toilet seats.

When it comes to the quality of our toilet seats, we make no compromises. High-quality materials and extensive testing are the first priority at Hamberger Sanitary.

Perfect fit and reliable hold

You can rely on us – and on our high-quality hinges and reliable installation solutions: Thanks to our innovative modular system, problems with fittings are a thing of the past! Because our large range of hinges holds the perfect installation solution for any toilet shape. With Europe’s largest range of models, we are able to have the right toilet seat available for nearly all common toilet ceramics.

Learn more here about our high-quality hinges and installation solutions made in-house.

With our variety of hinges, we can guarantee the perfect fixing for every toilet seat.

Comprehensive advice and support

The perfect toilet seat for every demand – we will help you find exactly the model you need. We would be happy to support you through your entire project with a personal consultation. Our capable employees from the wholesale, OEM and DIY departments are always available to help you.

If you have found the perfect toilet seat, we guarantee the quick processing of your order and the most reliable delivery thanks to our site in Germany.

Toilet seats from Hamberger Sanitary stand for outstanding functionality and quality without compromise, award-wining design, easy hygiene, and reliable stability. With Europe’s largest range of products, we meet the requirements and fulfil the wishes of all customers who want more than just a toilet lid.