HAMBERGER Sanitary Klima Projekt

Climate neutrality means that a company's carbon footprint is calculated according to internationally recognized standards and offset by supporting certified climate protection projects. We work together with the climate protection experts at ClimatePartner. By offsetting all of our corporate emissions at Hamberger Sanitary GmbH, we are committing to climate protection and underlining the Group's commitment to sustainability Hamberger Group's commitment to sustainability. The "climate-neutral company" label and the certificate with ID number guarantee transparency: you can track the offsetting of CO2 emissions via the ID and receive information on ourClimate protection projects for renewable energies in Asia.

Expansion of renewable energy in Asia

How renewable energy contributes to climate protection

A third of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil. These fossil fuels are not only finite, but also have a serious impact on the climate. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, mitigate the effects of climate change and meet the growing demand for energy, the promotion of renewable energy sources is essential. The best-known renewable energy sources are wind, solar and hydroelectric power. However, energy can also be generated from geothermal energy or from biogas and biomass plants that use animal dung or organic residues.

Climate protection projects play an important role in the global dissemination and implementation of these technologies. Project activities not only avoid CO2 emissions, but can also reduce a country's dependence on fossil fuels, secure energy supplies and create jobs for local people. The renewable energy projects in the ClimatePartner portfolio are registered with international standards.

The financing of the project offsets approximately 1,793,319 kg of CO2e per year.

Climate protection projects certified according to the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard are supported, including wind energy projects, solar energy projects, hydropower projects, as well as biogas and biomass projects in Asia and throughout the continent.